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“Education as the practice of freedom – as opposed to education as the practice of domination – denies that man is abstract, isolated, independent, and unattached to the world; it also denies  that the world exists as a reality apart from people.  Authentic reflection considers neither abstract man nor the world without people, but people in their relations with the world.”

– Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed


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PRAXIS actively welcomes and encourages contributions from anyone with an interest in transforming higher education to become an instrument of social justice.

  • We seek stories that illustrate the full breadth and depth of experiences in higher education and student affairs.
  • We seek voices that address issues of inclusion and exclusion, of access and success, of privilege and oppression, of power and authority, of solidarity and allyship, of personal and collective agency, of equity and justice.
  • We seek narratives that challenge prevailing views on higher education, that illustrate knowledge and experiences from traditionally marginalized communities, that illuminate acts of resistance and revolution, that embrace critical reflection, that embody the wisdom of lived experiences.

In short, we seek posts that challenge the higher education and student affairs communities to engage in PRAXIS: to reflect and to act to make our systems more just and equitable.

Guest Submissions:

Guest posts are single entries that address any issue related to higher education or student affairs.  We are particularly interested in posts addressing current issues or concerns, discussing specific case studies or incidents on campus, and reacting to or inspired by JCSHESA articles or publications – but other reflective entries are always welcome.

  • All submissions must be written in plain, accessible language.
  • Target length should be 300-600 words.
  • Contributors are encouraged to be creative and original and to take advantage of the web environment by including multimedia elements* and embedding links to related materials.
  • We especially encourage submissions from current students, community members, and individuals who belong to traditionally underrepresented or marginalized communities.
  • Contributors are expected to remain active members of the PRAXIS community and contribute/respond to comments for three months after a post is published.

Guest submissions should be submitted as an attachment in Word format (.doc/.docx) to: JCSPraxis (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  Please use “PRAXIS Guest Submission” as the subject line.

Regular Contributors:

We are also looking for individuals who are willing to commit to contributing to PRAXIS on a regular basis – at least once a month over the course of a year.  Contributors should identify a specific topic, subject, or orientation for their submissions.

Individuals may apply to become a contributor by submitting a brief (1 page) outline of their proposed “beat” and submitting it an attachment in Word format (.doc/.docx) to: JCSPraxis (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  Please use “PRAXIS Contributor Application” as the subject line.

* Note regarding Multimedia Resources:

Any and all images, videos, and other multimedia resources submitted to PRAXIS must be the property of the individual submitting them.  Contributions including multimedia resources should specifically verify, in the submission, that the resources belong to the contributor and specifically authorize JCSHESA and/or PRAXIS to use and distribute those materials.